Zobria®-T | The Recovery Support Vitamin
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Zobria-T. A Breakthrough Vitamin Designed to Empower Your Recovery from Alcohol.

Zobria-T, a breakthrough vitamin formulation, has been scientifically shown to help people exert better control of their behavior and reduce consumption of alcohol by restoring Vitamin B-1 levels safely and rapidly.

Addiction Treatment Centers, Rehab Centers and Non-Profit Clinics Please call 855-962-7428 For Bulk Pricing.


Made with ZobriapureTM Technology


"My thought pattern is clearer and quicker. I feel I do not want to stop taking this vitamin...it is a BIG HELP."

George F.

"I have recently discovered Zobria T, which I take everyday, and it helps me stay calm in my mood and emotions all day long. I can tell a real difference and recommend it to anyone trying to get sober or have suffered from alcohol abuse. Thank you Zobria T!"

Kent P.