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About Zobria®-T

Zobria-T The Recovery Support Vitamin

Zobria-T is a breakthrough vitamin formulation specifically designed for alcoholics seeking recovery from their addiction.

Studies have shown that up to 80 percent of alcoholics suffer from depleted vitamin B1 (thiamine) levels lost through chronic and excessive alcohol abuse.  Decreased vitamin B1 levels result in

  • Destructive and compulsive behavior
  • Feelings of depression

That’s because vitamin B1 is an essential nutrient for proper brain functioning.  Vitamin B1 deficiency has been proven to impair brain functioning and decision-making.  Restoration of vitamin B1 levels has been shown to decrease alcohol consumption in alcoholics.

Alcoholics suffering from vitamin B1 deficiency are victims of a vicious cycle. Chronic alcohol abuse results in vitamin B1 deficiency. Vitamin B1 deficiency causes decreased control over alcohol consumption. Increased alcohol consumption causes greater depletion of vitamin B1 levels, and so on and so on…

The result is poor decision-making, a loss of control and destructive behavior. 

Proper use of Zobria-T is designed to break this cycle. Zobria-T’s specialized nutritional formulation has been scientifically shown to

  • Restore depleted vitamin B1 levels
  • Help alcoholics exert better control over their behavior and consumption of alcohol

That’s our mission: to improve the quality of life of alcoholics, and aid in their recovery, by providing essential nutrition specifically formulated to meet their special needs. *