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Frequently Asked Questions About Zobria®-T

What is Zobria®-T?
Zobria-T is a new breakthrough vitamin formulation specifically designed to reverse vitamin B1 deficiency in alcoholics, increasing their sense of wellness and supporting their recovery.

How does Zobria-T work?
It is well known that chronic alcohol abuse dramatically depletes vitamin B1 (thiamine) from the brain.  Adequate vitamin B1 levels are essential for the brain to function properly.  Deficiency in vitamin B1 causes the brain to have decreased control over compulsive and destructive behavior, such as controlling excessive alcohol consumption.  Decreased vitamin B1 levels have also been associated with feelings of depression.  Restoring vitamin B1 levels improves the functioning of the brain and increases the ability of alcoholics to moderate their drinking. That’s how Zobria-T works…it reverses vitamin B1 deficiency in alcoholics allowing them to make better decisions and increase their sense of well being.

Why do alcoholics become vitamin B1 deficient?
Excessive alcohol consumption inhibits the body’s ability to absorb vitamin B1 from the gastrointestinal tract and to use it after it is absorbed.  This leads to the deficiency of this essential brain nutrient.  Vitamin B1 deficiency is an epidemic in the people addicted to alcohol.  Some scientific studies show that up to 80% of alcoholics suffer from vitamin B1 deficiency.

What impact does vitamin B1 deficiency have on alcoholics?
In its extreme form vitamin B1 deficiency in alcoholics can be fatal or cause permanent neurological damage and psychosis. The medical term for this condition is Wernicke Korsakoff Syndrome.  Its street name is “Wet Brain”. In a less extreme form vitamin B1 deficiency causes the brain to have decreased ability to moderate and refrain from excessive alcohol consumption.  How do we know this?  Click here (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4550087/) and here (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3818307/) to learn about the elegant studies by Dr. Ann Manzardo, et al., from the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of Kansas Medical Center. Alcohol is a strong depressant.  Vitamin B1 deficiency also acts as a strong depressant.  Together this combination significantly increases the dangerous feelings of depression commonly experienced by alcoholics.

How does vitamin B1 deficiency promote alcohol addiction?
Chronic alcoholism causes the brain to become vitamin B1 deficient.  When the brain is deficient in vitamin B1 its ability to control and moderate destructive and compulsive behavior, including refraining from excessive alcohol consumption, is decreased.  Vitamin B1 deficiency decreases the ability of alcoholics to moderate their drinking.  Alcoholics become prisoner of a vicious cycle: excessive alcohol consumption causes thiamine deficiency and thiamine deficiency promotes excessive alcohol consumption.  In time this vicious cycle causes the brain to become more and more starved of the very nutrient it needs to help control the urge to drink excessively.

Why is Zobria-T called the Recovery Support Vitamin?
Zobria-T breaks this vicious cycle.  It supplies the brain with a safe highly bioactive form of vitamin B1 that rapidly reverses the deficiency suffered by alcoholics.  Zobria-T restores vitamin B1 levels in the brain allowing for better control of destructive behavior and the ability to moderate alcohol consumption. 

Who should take Zobria-T?
Chronic alcoholics seeking better behavior control and brain function through nutritional means.

Who should not take Zobria-T?
Women who are pregnant, may possibly be pregnant or plan to become pregnant should not take Zobria-T.  Lactating women should not take Zobria-T.  People who are hypersensitive or allergic to benfotiamine or thiamine should not take Zobria-T. Zobria-T should not be used by persons under 18 years of age.

How long does is take Zobria-T to work?
Zobria-T begins to reverse vitamin B1 deficiency rapidly. Within 30 days its beneficial effects are often noticeable. See the following chart:

 chart men and women

Adapted from Double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled
clinical trial of benfotiamine for severe alcohol dependence.
Manzardo A., et al., Drug and Alcohol Dependence (2013).  

Is Zobria-T safe? 
Yes.  Zobria-T is very safe.  There are no significant adverse effects associated with Zobria-T.

Can I take Zobria-T with other vitamins, nutrients and medications?
Zobria-T may be taken with other vitamins, nutrients and medications.  As with all nutrients, consult your physician before taking Zobria-T.

What is the best way to take Zobria-T?
Zobria-T works best when taken as follows: during the first 30 days, take two capsules twice a day with food. After the first 30 days, take one capsule twice a day with food.  To get maximum benefit from Zobria-T you’ll need one bottle the first month and one bottle every two months after that. The Auto-Refill Program is designed to meet the needs of people just starting to use Zobria-T.  It’s for people who wish to purchase Zobria-T at a discounted price and never worry about running out of the product.

Are there any side effects associated with Zobria-T?
No significant side effects are known.

What is Zobriapure?
Zobriapure is proprietary technology used in the manufacture of Zobria-T.  It insures that the product is of the highest quality.

Why not just vitamin B1 pills?
Alcoholics have significantly decreased ability to absorb vitamin B1 from the gastrointestinal tract.  The highly bioactive form of vitamin B used in Zobria-T, benfotiamine, is needed for adequate absorption.  It has been proven in alcoholics to reverse vitamin B1 deficiency and improve brain function.

Is there scientific research supporting the use of Zobria-T?
Yes. Click here to see scientific research supporting the use of Zobria-T.

What information is on the label? 

Where can I buy Zobria-T?
Zobria-T is available for sale online from this website. Click here to buy Zobria-T. You may also purchase Zobria-T by calling our toll free number, 855-ZOBRIAT (855-962-7428).  Zobria-T is also available from select physicians specializing in addiction medicine and from select alcohol addiction rehab centers.